Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012

Hey fam,

This week went well, a little chaotic, but well. I only have 8 minutes. So we had a baptism Sunday morning at 7 in the morning right before church. But Saturday night we had to fill up the font, by hose, which was taking forever so we got one of the youth to come over and watch it until it finished. When we showed up in the morning at 6:30 it was about half full and was looking pretty gross. But the bishop showed up, who had the keys to the font faucet, and we filled it up rather quickly, added some chlorine (I think) skimmed of the top and we were set. I will have to admit this was bad planning on our part, for not talking to the bishop earlier about everything. But we had the service and all went well. Ramon is fairly shy but he is a good guy who wants to the right thing. His mom who isn't a member showed up and they had a special moment together after his baptism.

Also a youth (well not so young) will be leaving for his mission Wednesday and he bore his testimony in Sacraments meeting and some of his family members did as well. His dad isn't a member but he came to church, well groomed, to see his son off. This was a surprise to my companion because previously he had been very against the missionaries or coming to church. But after the meeting he was very kind and asked us why we hadn't come to the farewell party the night before. We honestly told him we didn't know and wish we could have been there. So he invited us to come over this Tuesday to see his son off for one last time.

I hope all is well in Hawaii and with the whole fam, I love you all. Changes were today but neither my companion or I were changed out, so another possible 6 weeks with Elder Larson, which I'm totally fine with, we get along well and enjoying the work.

Elder Peine

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