Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Joy to the World! 12/17/2012

Things are going really well. I enjoy the mission. I love being with a new missionary as well, it make me feel young haha. This week we had a Christmas Devotional with about half of the mission and each zone presented a slide show and a musical number. President Castaneda and his family shared a few musical numbers as well which well all enjoyed. The President selected several missionaries to bear their testimonies about the Atonement of Christ and what they are doing to strengthen their area. I had the opportunity to be one of those who he selected to bear their testimony. I cant help but just feel overwhelmingly grateful for all that I have learning here in my mission and more than anything how I have felt my testimony grow. I love this time of year and am so happy that we can commemorate the birth of our Savior.

This week we had 10 investigators in Sacrament Meeting, which for a branch of 40 active members was great! We were of course thrilled. A large part of it had to do with the primary presentation which was performed and everyone wanted to be there for the occasion.

We are very busy and I wish we had extra hours in each day. I know just one thing at a time and we will manage. But we are happy and working as best we can. This week we read about Ammon and how when he was working in the fields and all the flocks were dispersed, he reacted not with frustration, angst, or stress, but with joy. He seized the opportunity to make a missionary moment and helps others know of the greatness and goodness of God. I know that the Lord can bring me peace as I strive to do His will. I love the scripture in John 14:27 about the peace and comfort. I hope each of you have a wonderful joyous week enjoying the Spirit of Christmas.

Love you all,

Elder Peine

Elder Rojas and I (a former companion)

Elder Jepson and I (my companion for the MTC)

Mission President Castaneda and his family singing for the missionaries

Monday, December 10, 2012


This week was a wonderful week as we had the opportunity to work with several of the members. At one point we were with three of the members visiting their friends and neighbors. Between these three members I think they know every person who lives in the area. We talked with just about everyone we saw in the street and we had someone to visit on every street. I loved it. I felt happy to be there. It’s just so great to see the members animated and looking to share the gospel with others. It’s just a little branch, but some hearts of the members are huge and sometimes they don’t have very much but they give more than I could imagine with their time, testimonies, and love for others. I have seen that it truly is better to give than to receive.

Sometimes I have a lot of things on the front of my mind like, lesson at such and such a time, remember to call so and so, send copy of the rent to the mission office ect. And sometimes it’s a lot to think about and do. But as I grasp hold of the thought of the life of the Savior my stress seams to slip away and I feel happy. I think behind all of the things to do and places to be, my testimony of the Savior is what helps me have peace and a calmness. He lifts me when I am tired and He gives me drive and purpose when my heart isn't fully connected the work. It is easy to just do, but to do with purpose, full intent, with full love for the work and for the people, takes something more and I believe that something more is a testimony of Jesus Christ. When I know he is behind everything that the missionary work stands for and is it helps me understand the urgency, love, and focus, needed to stay the course and work with joy.

Thank you for your support, love, and prayers. May you all enjoy this special season.


Elder Peine

Miguel, Manuel, and Elder Morales

View from the Tortuguero hill (district activity)


New Companion 12/03/2012

 I have a new companion! His name is Elder Morales and I very excited to be working with him. He is from Guatemala and he is just starting his mission! He arrived super excited and has a great heart and loves to share the Gospel. He came very well prepared and I am enjoying learning together with him.  He has a wonderful testimony and it brings a smile to my face to be able to work with someone so happy.

We held a baptism Saturday for Daniela (who's family are members) and it went very well. The other ward actually had a baptism as well and we held them both together. It makes me remember mine when about 5 or 6 of us were baptized all the same day, its something Whit Morgan and I have in common.

We enjoyed the Devotional. During President Eyrings talk I thought about how different this Christmas will be from all the rest and how I might not have many material things to give. Then an image of the missionaries came up and reminded me of the gift that I am to be sharing with others, the gift of Salvation and the Restored Gospel. I am thrilled to be here, it has been really beautiful; we are excited for this Christmas Season and are looking forward to the joy of sharing the Gospel with others.

Thank you for all of your love and support, may your smiles be grand, your spirits uplifted, and your lives enriched. Hasta Luego!

Love you,

Elder Peine

 Baptism of Daniela with the branch

Daniela, Soraida, Ballam

The branch Sunday Morning