Thursday, November 29, 2012

Special Baptism- November 26, 2012


I will be staying in the area I am currently in. My companion will be heading off tomorrow this new area and a new missionary will be arriving in my area. I will be training again and I’m very excited, yes I little feverous but I know if  I’d what I’m supposed t and if I love the people with all my heart things will work out and the work will progress. Many people have been receiving new callings in the branch and it’s very exciting right now!

This week we held a very special baptism of Patricia whose sister is a member. Everything was going according to plan until the Elders called us and told us that the water had been shut off at the church and there wasn’t any water for the baptism. But after many prayers during the day, 2 long hoses, a very friendly neighbor and an hour and a half of waiting we finally held the baptism. It was very special. The sister who was baptized started to cry as she bore her testimony, just knowing that what has happened in her past is in her past and now she can press forward. It was one of these moments surreal. It was night, the crickets were chirping, everything was still, and she was standing in front, bearing her testimony. I will always remember it. I felt so happy and know what a great step this will be in her life.

Thank you for the photos and the letters, I love you all and wish you my best!

Elder Peine

Baptism of Patricia

Baptism of Patricia

Wonderful day!- November 19, 2012

Hey family!

What a wonderful day we had! Today we went with the district to hike a hill (mountain) and enjoyed a wonderful day out and about! At this site, the stones that predict the end of the Mayan era were found.

The week has gone fairly well though. We have been enjoying really getting to know the members and have been seeing progress in the branch. There is an enthusiasm and it always makes me happy to see when other members are helping others. When we arrived to at a members house they always ask how the other members are or let us know if someone could use some help. The enthusiasm has been picking up and we are really enjoying attending a filled sacrament meeting.

This Friday we will be holding a baptism which we are excited for. The sister who will be baptized has a member sister who she looks up to. It’s exciting to see their excitement and love for the gospel. We have been using a lot, I think Parry had quite a bit to do with that, so please make sure to thank him for me.

We are loving it in the missionary work. All is well, but there will be changes next week and we are unsure what will happen, if one of us is to head to another area or not, but we know its in the hands of the Lord. I do miss the snow, I feel like I'm in a forever summer, but hey I am enjoying it. Thanks for the letters, the prayers, and for all of your love. Keep it up, I love you all!

-Elder Peine

The District

Supposedly the exact location where the engraven stones were found


Replica of the stones that predict the end of the Mayan era in December

Christmas is coming- Novmeber 12, 2012

This week was a great week! We had more members attend sacrament meeting which was fabulous! We almost don’t find in our little branch any more which is a good thing. We are enjoying working with the members. We have found the through the members there is a lot more real growth in the church. The actives get more actives and the less actives become active. The new members find new investigators as well as the less actives who seems to have more contacts with nonmembers.

The work is progressing and the mission overall has seemed to be progressing as well. I have seen how true it is that by small and simple things great things are brought to pass. A visit to sing a hymn, a note of enthusiasm, or a smile and a wave all have a rather important part of helping one another feel loved and I think that  is what the gospel is all about. Helping one another feel the pure love of Christ.

We are preparing for the Christmas holidays and remembered that Thomas S. Monson said that the spirit of Christmas is the spirit of Christ. Today we read Alma 18 15 (I think) which talks about bringing a soul unto Christ (and then later bringing many souls unto Christ) how great shall be our joy in the kingdom of Heaven when we rejoice with them. What greater gift can one give to another than the gift of the gospel, and invitation to a Christmas activity, the Devotional, a nativity. It really is the gift that keeps on giving. We are so excited about the Holidays and about being able to invite others to participate in the celebrations.

Thank you all for being so great. I love you and hope you all have a fantastic week. I hope that we can all find those small and simple ways to participate in the spirit of Christmas and invite others to do the same. I know its still only November, but the Christmas spirit is drawing closer day by day (even though I will be lacking the snow).


Elder Peine

Brother Manuel, just after having been ordained Elder

Seek and Ye Shall Find- November 5, 2012

Right now the missionary work has been changing a little bit and we have been focusing on teaching all the members the message of the Restoration and working to find all the less actives and invite them back to church.

We have had several good experiences of searching, asking, finding, and talking with some of these members. It brings joy to my soul when we find these members and are able to converse with them about the Savior and that happiness that we receive as we faithfully attend church and make Him a priority in our life. I know that he lives and loves us so much. I can’t believe how lucky I am to be here in Mexico.

I know that the Gospel is true and that it has been restored again in its fullness and am so thankful to have been born into such a wonderful family.

Sorry for the shortness of my letters, but Im doing well and things are progressing. We are going to be using a lot now and I would love to see your profiles up!

Thanks so much love you all!

Elder Peine

Elder Flores and I

Balaam, Sister Soraida, Elder Flores and I

Peace- October 30, 2012

This past Saturday my companion Elder Flores and I went with one of the members from the branch to visit one of her neighbors who had an ill husband. We began talking with the wife who and she let us know how her husband had gotten into such a state. Six months ago he began drinking heavily and could seem to stop. His body finally couldn’t take it anymore and he was confined to bed rest. For the past 15 days his family has been feeding, bathing, and changing him. She asked if we, the missionaries she had never met before could offer a prayer for her husband. We said that if she would like we could give him a priesthood blessing. Accepting, we proceeded to his room where we found him laying in his bed. He looked frail and certainly was ill. He waved his right arm in the air as recognition that he knew we were there but the rest of his body was completely still. My companion anointed him with olive oil and then I offered the blessing. I remember blessing him with peace, calmness, eased burdens, and that his family would be okay in this difficult time. His wife and two children were with and thanked us for our visit. After having left the house, the member told us that she felt like either he would make a recovery or that he would pass away more quickly. We continued on with our day and as we arrived to our house at night the member called to inform us that the person to whom we had given a blessing to had passed away just a few hours after our visit. I felt calm. I felt as if the Lord knew what was right and what was going to happen. I know that this life is not the end, but only a part of our eternal progression.

I am doing well, I am thankful for the Gospel and for the wonderful people I have met here in Mexico. I love you all dearly. Have a wonderful week and a Happy Halloween!


Elder Peine

Miguel! (A future member)

Love the nature!

Maria, Isabel, David!