Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wonderful day!- November 19, 2012

Hey family!

What a wonderful day we had! Today we went with the district to hike a hill (mountain) and enjoyed a wonderful day out and about! At this site, the stones that predict the end of the Mayan era were found.

The week has gone fairly well though. We have been enjoying really getting to know the members and have been seeing progress in the branch. There is an enthusiasm and it always makes me happy to see when other members are helping others. When we arrived to at a members house they always ask how the other members are or let us know if someone could use some help. The enthusiasm has been picking up and we are really enjoying attending a filled sacrament meeting.

This Friday we will be holding a baptism which we are excited for. The sister who will be baptized has a member sister who she looks up to. It’s exciting to see their excitement and love for the gospel. We have been using a lot, I think Parry had quite a bit to do with that, so please make sure to thank him for me.

We are loving it in the missionary work. All is well, but there will be changes next week and we are unsure what will happen, if one of us is to head to another area or not, but we know its in the hands of the Lord. I do miss the snow, I feel like I'm in a forever summer, but hey I am enjoying it. Thanks for the letters, the prayers, and for all of your love. Keep it up, I love you all!

-Elder Peine

The District

Supposedly the exact location where the engraven stones were found


Replica of the stones that predict the end of the Mayan era in December

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