Monday, July 1, 2013

Bitter Sweet July 1, 2013- THE FINAL LETTER

Hello Family!

What a wild week! On Thursday my companion got a call that he was going to be transferred to a new area the following morning. So I have a new companion! His name is Elder Hunsaker for Arizona! The mission president told me I have 1 week to teach him the area. So we have been really busy! We have been going to all the members’ houses and getting to know where everyone lives and who is progressing more and everything before I leave on Monday.  Our mission President also finished his mission and a new one arrived Saturday. I find it interesting that the first interview I am going to be having with this mission president will also be my final here in the mission.

The week has gone by well though. Several of the inactive members whom we taught came to church on Sunday for the first time in a while which was exciting. We are currently teaching 3 families of which all are members but not of the fathers are. All 3 of the fathers seem to know that the church is true but just lack the commitment to get baptized and become an active member. The members here are incredibly generous and we have be receiving lots of free mangos, bananas, melons, tuna, cereal, milk, etc.

Well this is my final letter apparently as a missionary. Thank you all for reading my letters week by week, even though I am sure they may have sounded a bit repetitive. Thank you for all of your love and your support. As a missionary sometimes just the simplest hello can mean so much. Thank you for your love, prayers and support. You are a fantastic family and I am so grateful to be a Peine! I am grateful for the gospel that means so much to me. It has a value without comprehension and I have been incredibly lucky to have been placed in a family where the gospel has been embraced. I have grown to love the Book of Mormon and have felt my testimony of God and his Son Jesus Christ grow. I have felt part of the love that God has for his children and have been astonished at incredible members, missionaries, and investigators what obey, sacrifice, and serve in order to live the gospel. I look forward to all seeing you all soon personally.

Will much love,

Elder Peine

Elder Sosa and I

Elder Hunsaker and I

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Loving the work! Its better every day! 06/24/2013

We had just finished an appointment and where walking through the park to head to lunch and I saw someone sitting on the bench who I thought I recognized. I realized it was someone from my first area whom I had baptized and hadn’t seen in practically two years! It was great to see her! Although she isn’t fully active in the church right now she does have desires to come back. Her boyfriend goes to a different church but she wants to invite him soon to a sacrament meeting. She has changed a bit; she was talking a lot and was really active compared to when we taught her she was really shy and timid and didn’t speak much. She is actually living in the area I am serving in right now and we are going to visit her and her family soon!

We are still working with the investigator Jesus and he is excited about his baptism still but he is going to have to wait until the July to be baptized and I won’t be here sadly when it happens. But I am so excited for him and know he is going to be a great member. He came with us the the missionary transmission we had on Sunday and he enjoying hearing the prophet and apostles speak.

I will see you all soon! Only 2 weeks! Wow! I can hardly believe it!

I love you all so much!

Elder Peine

Jose, a future missionary!

Natividad! The convert from my first area.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cristhels Baptism- April 29, 2013

This week we held the baptism of Cristhel who has been awfully excited about this special day. She actually just got married to a member about a month ago and her husband was able to baptize and confirm her. She has such a warm and happy personality and is just a blast of life. It has been a great experience being able to teach her and be part of this experience. The members have been very supportive and welcomed her with open arms. They have been making plans to be able to get sealed in the temple a year from now and we are excited to see them progressing.

We met someone the other day who let is into his him and we were able to teach about the Restoration of the Gospel. When we started talking about Joseph Smith, how he had been looking for the truth and had been confused by so many different denominations. The investigator paused, looked at us and told us how he had been feeling the same way. He was baptized as a baby but really hadn’t participated in his religion during his life. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he committed to read and pray about it.
The Lord has been blessing us and I am so thankful for his help and for this wonderful opportunity to be here in Mexico.

I love you all,

Elder Peine

Cristhels baptism!

Cristhel and her husband and us

 Helping a member harvest his beans and corn

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

¡¡Hola!!- June 17, 2013

Sitting in church, all is calm, the air conditioning is on, we just finish the sacrament. The bishop stands up and announces that we will be hearing from the 2 missionaries today, starting with my companion Elder Sosa. I should have been ready beforehand. But I scrambled my thoughts together and managed to give a talk based on following the promptings of the spirit without delaying.  Apparently those who were to give talks were unable to attend and we were called upon last minute. But I am thankful that I was able to speak on Fathers day.

Our investigator (Jesus) is really excited about his baptism. He came to a talent night with his brother and his friends and they all participated and had a fun evening.

At the seminary graduation our Mission president invited a non-member father from our ward to be baptized, he accepted. So we will be working a lot with him now so he can join the rest of his family as members of the church.

We have to run but I will see you all soon! Soner than I can imagine! I love you all so very much! Have a wonderful week!

Love, Elder Peine

Monday, June 10, 2013

City Life- June 10, 2013

Hey family!

Things are going well here in Villahermosa! I am getting to know the area more and more but am afraid that as soon as I learn it well enough it will be time to come home! I can’t believe it is only 4 weeks away!

This week we went to the temple since one of my companions converts received her endowments since she will be going on a mission.  We are working with a young man who has desires to get baptized but hasn’t attended our ward yet since he works early Sundays. 

Time ran out, but I love all of you and am thankful for your support! I am reading the Book of Mormon and am in Alma 14. I am loving it! We had a fantastic capacitation about the Book of Mormon and we are just enjoying it more and more!

River on the way to Frontera

Zone class


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Villahermo​sa, hot but worth it! 06/03/20163

Hello family!

I am enjoying my new area. All is going well. My companion Elder Sosa is a great companion and we are looking forward to helping out this ward. We have an energetic bishop and are going to be working on activation some of the less active members. I am right in the center of Villahermosa and it is actually pretty great since there are a lot of historical sites and monuments. The families here are wonderful and I love getting to know them and find out how they are doing.

We actually have to run right now so I send more next week. But I hope all is well and that everyone has a rather happy joyful week!

Elder Peine

  My new friend from the park!

Bishop McDonald asked me to draw him...

Elder Sosa, my companion

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Off to a new area! May 27th

Hey family!

Well the first photo is of our little district! Our last photo together since today there were transfers. Turns out both my companion and I are leaving the area and one of the Elders from the district will change from his area to our and receive another Elder. So it is a little sad to see the both of us go but I know the Lord has other plans. I will be heading to Villahermosa (again) but in a different area and will be serving as a zone leader.

The next photo is of Elder Rosales who is a wonderful missionary and does an excellent job at helping members who never had testimonies gain them. He is a great friend.
The other photo is of the English class that we have been teaching and things have been improving! One of the ladies that have been attending English class came to Sacrament meeting for the first time yesterday and made some new friends. We were super happy about that!

It’s hard to leave this area because it feels like we were just getting into the thick of the work but I know everything will work out. I still can’t believe I only have 6 weeks left in the mission. I am looking forward to this last little while though. There are just such great people here and a lot are just looking for that something (the gospel) that they have been missing in their lives.

What a wonderful time and age to be alive! I have been reading the Book of Mormon through and I am in Mosiah 2 and it’s amazing to know that we are part of the fulfillment of the prophecies written by the ancient prophets! What a treat it is to learn about the gospel! I hope everyone enjoying the gospel and has a wonderful fantastic week!

Elder Peine

The District

Elder Rosales!

English class

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 20, 2013

This week we had divisions and I spent a day in another area with two other missionaries named Elder Rivera and Elder Espinosa. They are fantastic missionaries and we had an enjoyable (but rather hot) day together.

Then back in my area the bishopric accompanied us to visit a less active family and afterward the bishop invited us out for some of his favorite tacos! There were delicious!

Yesterday there was a fireside given about education and was held at a members house. The photo is of an activity having to do with having the knowledge to do something.

We are currently visiting an investigator who is rather interested in the church and has actually heard about it before. She was a reference and has been getting to know some of the members. She had 6 children but one passed away and she was rather concerned about that. We talked a little about the plan of Salvation and left her with a pamphlet to read. We are excited that she has been progressing.

An old investigator came to church Sunday and as we walked to class we ran into the Stake President who happened to be there for the other wards stake conference. The Stake President started to talk to him a little about how he has felt in the church and if he feels that it is true. The investigator said that he had felt very good. The President then said hey missionaries, this man need a baptismal date! Teach him and prepare him. The president then told the investigator that he would never regret it and that it would be the best decision he could make that would change his life. And then we headed to class which happened to be about baptism. We look forward to helping this man learn mor about the gospel and progress in the church.

I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Elder Peine



Youth fireside under the mango tree!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy week!!! 05/13/2013

We had the opportunity to attend the Villahermosa temple as a district. It’s about an hour from our area and it’s just so nice to have been able to get away for the hustle and commotion of everything and be in the House of the Lord.

Sister Ruby is a less active who hasn’t been able to come to church since she’s been sick but she is terribly nice and we had a wonderful visit with her. She offered me posol to drink which was sweet of her. Even though I couldn’t finish it all (since it is rather filling) she was nice about it and was happy to have let me try it.

This week we went with the second counselor to visit an investigator who is about the same age. We read 1 Nephi 8 together and they both related well since they have their own children and are doing their best to keep them on the correct path. The investigators family is very Catholic and he has been worried about what they might say or think about him visiting another church. The visit went well though and we look forward to the next.

I have to run, but I love you all and have a wonderful week!

Elder Peine

Villahermosa Temple

Sister Ruby

The famous Posol (interesting drink made of coco and ground corn)

Life is great! 05/06/2013

We have been having a weekly English class which has been quite fun! People are starting to get more and more interested in learning English and we look forward to breaking the ice and practicing languages with some of the members and investigators. It made me remember how I felt when I got here and couldn’t understand anything or hardly speak! I admire them for their desires to learn and we look forward to having more people come out to learn English!

The zone has a great group of missionaries and we are sad that its possible very shortly that we might be changed around and we might not see each other for a long time. But we have enjoyed this time together and we have learning from one another. Each missionary has something that they bring to the zone and I love hearing about their experiences and hearing their wonderful testimonies.

Our area is quite large and sometime we have to travel out to smaller town to visit members. We are trying to just work closer to the church but sometime references live far away. It’s interesting to see how many different ways of life there are and they great difference from the city to the rural areas.
We have a movie night planned for this Thursday at the Church and we have been going around inviting everyone we know to come and we expect that it’s going to be a great night for the families!

I just love the gospel so much. It’s so amazing to think about what is actually going on in the world with missionary work! It truly is a marvelous work and I see small miracles of faith and change every day in the lives of others and my own. Every day truly is a blessing and I feel so happy to be hear and to be serving the Lord. Thank you for all of your love, prayers and support. I think you are all wonderful people with wonderful lives! The Lord loves you! It’s a great feeling to know that.

Con mucho amor,
Elder Peine

English Class!

Out in Mexico!

Cardenas Zone!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Davids Baptism! 04/22/2013

Hey family!

What a wonderful week! We had a baptism of a young man named David on Saturday which went well. We are all excited about him progressing in the gospel and learning more about where he is going with life. He has a lot of people who love him and are doing their best to support him so we are pleased to be taking part of his process of conversion. Another investigator came to the baptism and she is quite excited about her own! So we are doing our best to help her prepare her to gain a testimony and learn about the gospel as much as she can. Her husband is a member who was less active but now I think the family is getting excited as she has begun meeting with us and reading from the Book of Mormon.

So things are moving forward and we are doing are best to stay organized and work with as many members as possible. Thanks for all of the support. This week we had a fantastic meeting with our mission president on faith, diligence, and desires. I hope all is going well for each of you and that you are truly enjoying the blessings of the gospel. They are out there! I know that the Lord lives and loves us so very much! I definitely have felt that lately and have had wonderful experience where I have felt his love. I love the gospel and know it’s been a huge blessing in my life and I’ve seen it be a blessing in the lives of many others. May the spirit always be with each and every one of you. I love you all and am excited to hear from you! (And to see you soon!)

Love you,

Elder Peine

David and us

 made a new friend
Baptism with everyone

Monday, April 15, 2013

Good, Good Week 04/15/13

We found a wonderful new investigator this week. She is a member’s wife and has already been to church several times but has never heard from the missionaries before. She was rather excited about learning more about the Church. She told that she likes most about how the teachers taught and what she could learn each time as she attended. She has been keeping up with her commitments and we are rather excited for her progress. It’s always exciting to see someone get animated about learning about the gospel.

We visited an inactive family this week and at towards the end of the visit we asked the family if there was anything we could do for them and the wife just asked that we could say a prayer. We could notice that family prayer hadn’t really been taking place that often and it was a blessing to see the whole family together feeling the spirit.

I know that Jesus Christ lives and that this is His restored Church. I am so thankful for the sweet and tender spirit that tells me that it’s true. I know that I am a child of God and that He loves me very much. I can feel his love just as I think of a few of the blessing I have received including my family, the Church, friends, and health. I know that the Book of Mormon is true because when I read it I feel closer to God and the spirit tells me that it’s right.

I thank you all for your love and support, have a wonderful week!


Elder Peine

Hanging out with the Prophets!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Share the Love! 04/08/2013

Hola family!

I hope everyone had a wonderful conference weekend!

This week we visited a less active member who we had trying to visit for some time now but she finally answered the door and let us in. Her husband isn’t a member and neither are her children, so it has been a bit difficult to maintain steady in the church. We read a passage from the Book of Mormon with her and we decided to end with a prayer. She insisted one of us to say the prayer but after having talked a little more about the importance of prayer she agreed to say it. She said that she was grateful to God because she knew that he knew she was a little sad and that he wanted her to hear the message that we brought her. It builds my testimony to know the God knows our needs and he wants to bless us.

Today we were in a taxi and we introduced ourselves to the female taxi driver as missionaries. She responded well I’m a missionary too! Although she is of another faith her liveliness for sharing what she knew about the gospel was exciting to see. We were both in the back of the cab and another passenger hopped in the front. We introduced ourselves to him and started asking him about how hes doing and the family etc. As we started talking about the gospel with him the taxi driver started giving all the advice she could to the man and it pleased me to see the sincere desire to extend to hand and help someone out.
I loved conference and I Iove this wonderful work! And I love all of my wonderful family members!


Elder Peine

*no pictures today!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hello family!

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Easter! This morning we had the opportunity to visit a nearby archaeological site. It was fun to find out that there are several large ancient pyramids located in my area. We spent the morning exploring and taking pictures and enjoying just getting out for while.

Things are picking up in the ward and my companion and I are excited for these upcoming weeks. We just got a new mission leader who asked us, Elders, this is the first calling I have received where I don’t actually know what to do. He was nervous but excited at the same time and we are looking forward to working with him.

We have been working with one of the members boyfriends who has been interested in the church and has felt that it is true. He said at first he was just in church for his girlfriend, but then realized that he actually enjoyed what he was listening to and started paying attention. He said that he felt like what the speakers where saying had importance in his life and that he could really use that kind of help. He pointed out that every time he has come to church he has learned something new. He accepted to be baptized and we are preparing him for that date.

I love you all so very much but I have to run,

Love ya,
Elder Peine

Good morning from Mexico!

Mayan ruins

The district

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Its a good day 03/18/13

Hey family!

I hope you are all doing well! Thanks for keeping me updated! I'm enjoying my new area here in Comalcalco. We have been doing a lot of getting to know where the members live, who are the investigators, and how to work best in this area. Its fairy large and there are several small towns that we travel out to by bus to visit. The members are so terribly friendly and always say that if we are hungry or ever need anything that they are always there. Even the investigators offer what they have. One investigator named Luz (which means light) doesn’t have very much, just a grocery bag packer at the nearby grocery story and when we go to visit her and her husband they offer us fruit and always give us a great welcome. They are such good people working to do what’s right and we have sincerely felt of their love and we try our best to share ours. Its all in all a wonderful experience getting to know such wonderful humble happy people.

My companion is Elder Florido from Las Vegas. He has been in the Provo Utah mission for about 2 and half months waiting for his visa and he just arrived in Mexico. His parents are Colombians and they taught him Spanish while he grew up so he is fitting right in and he gives clear and uplifting advice to those around him. We both had the opportunity to speak in Sacrament meeting this week which we enjoyed, especially it being the first time the both of us had attend this ward (since last Sunday we were in the stake center for a conference). The bishop is lively and willing and is very easy to get along with and the members as well. So we are looking forward to another week of finding new people to teach and working with the members to help the investigators. We have an investigator who is basically a member, his wife and son just got baptized and he attend in his white shirt and tie and has his own subscription to the Ensign. Hopefully soon we will be able to help him commit to becoming a member and living the gospel to the fullest.

More missionaries have been coming to the mission, but I think there will be lots more soon enough. Its wild to see how rapidly the work is expanding. Its wonderful to be here and its sad to know I don’t have too much longer left here, so I am going to make the best of every minute! I know this is the work of the Lord, I know he is our Savior and loves each and every one of us. 
Thanks for all of the love and support!

Love as always,

Elder Peine

Friday, March 15, 2013

The gospel is great 03/11/2013

Hey family!

How are you all doing? I hope things are going well. I am enjoying getting to know my new area here in Comalcalcos. I have only been here a week and the mission offices just called us last night letting us know that my companion is being transferred and that a new missionary will be arriving tomorrow who will take his place. So it should be exciting, the 2 of us learning the area together!

We had a stake conference where we heard by satellite David A Bednar and Richard G Scott (who spoke in Spanish!). It was a wonderful conference and I felt so happy as I was able to listen to messages that I knew were going to bless the lives of these wonderful people. The other day we talked to some fairly recent converts, they have about 2 years in the church. The father said becoming a member was a complete 360 turn around and it sure hasn’t been easy. After his baptism he had job problem, got sick, had an accident and other things but that it has all been worth it. We look at his family now and they are definitely a happy bunch, despite the obstacles.

It just makes me happy to know that there is a source of answers and that there is a right way to go. Sometimes I look around and see that there really are so many easy paths to choose from and I’m not exactly surprised why so many have been detoured from good solid principles, it’s that the world is blatantly staring them in the face and inviting them to join. How joyful it is to know that there is a Prophet on the earth, apostles, and people who help us along the way.

 I’m in a new area, new companion, and new everything, but there is a happy familiarity I feel as I meet the caring members of the church and work with my companion to share the gospel with others. I’m not very good at explaining it but I can say with a surety that I’m sure grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it’s the nucleus that I think holds me together. I love all of you, I think your just the greatest family. There really isn’t another family like the Peines. As goofy and as fun as you are, I think your just the right family for me. Thanks for your love and prayers!


Elder Peine

Monday, March 11, 2013

New Area! 03/04/13

Well the time has come. Yesterday I received the call that I am being transferred to a new area. It’s definitely bitter sweet. I have gotten to know a lot of great people and it’s hard to leave. My new area is called Comalcalco, Tabasco. It’s not too far away from where I am right now, about two hours. (I heard they have a chocolate factory there! There are also lots of ruins!) Today we have been visiting many of the members and investigators and saying goodbyes because tomorrow I’ll be off to a new area. My companion who I’m with right now with be training a new missionary, which will be a great experience. He was a little shocked since he himself just recently arrived, but he came pre-prepared and will do just fine.

This week I have just felt so loved. Just the little things make all the difference. The people just say a little thing or do something small and I just feel so happy. One fairly recent convert shared her testimony in sacrament meeting which she had never done before and she said that recently she has been gaining a firmer testimony as she has reached out to an old friend to share the gospel. One brother, even though he has had some fairly difficult trials has demonstrated his love for the gospel as he joined as for an entire day to visit investigators.

It’s not easy to go, and the members get upset because missionaries keep coming, they get used to them, and then they have to leave. But I have loved being hear and am excited for what lie ahead. I love you all and hope you are all enjoying the daily sparks of joy that are found in doing what is right. God lives and we are his children. What peace and what joy it is to know that we are all watched over.

Elder Peine

Sister Brunilda!

Brother Manuel and Sister Angels

Go Pemex City!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Things Are Good 02/25/2013

It sounds like everyone is having a wonderful time wherever they are. I wish you all the best, hope all is going well. Thanks for keeping me updated, I enjoy hearing how you all are doing. Things down here are going well. The work continues! It’s getting hotter; we find ourselves all ways crossing to the shady side of the street to avoid getting too toasted. We have been enjoying ourselves though. Sometimes the neighborhood dogs follow us around, we enter a house to teach and they wait outside for us and then we continue on to the next appointment. People here are very friendly and supportive. The members love to feed us and try as much as possible to make visits with us. I would have to say that it’s not the biggest town (it’s called Pemex City, but really it’s just a town) but its never boring here. We always have things to do and there are lots of people to visit.

We passed by this week to say hello to Rodolfo, a recent convert.  During the conversation I happened to ask him how old he was. He pondered for a moment, and then asked me what day it was. We responded well it’s the 22nd of February! Shocked, having had forgotten the date, told us it was his birthday, he was turning 71! So his grandchildren, my companion and I all sang him happy birthday which he enjoyed very much!

One of the members brothers passed away rather suddenly and it’s been pretty hard for him. I feel grateful though to know that he knows the Plan of Salvation and that this isn't the end. We have spent time with him and we try to teach but really all he wants right now is just someone to listen, so we listened and he seems to be doing better. Another members father passed away and she got sick at the same time. Things get tough sometimes, people go through so many things and it just amazes me how people can handle situations, however difficult they may be. I know the gospel surely helps.

Someone from the stake came to visit the branch and he shared a talk about afflictions, relating a story of a swordsmith. Someone asked the swordsmith how he made such marvelous, strong swords that never broke. He said the secret is knowing exactly how many times to hit the sword while making it to end up with the strongest, most refined sword possible. And so it is in our lives in comparison to swords, The Lord knows exactly how many hits we need to become the most refined people we can become, each hit has a purpose. As we turn to the Lord he will strengthen us spiritually and we will progress here on earth. He doesn’t promise we won’t have afflictions, but he does allow us to learn from them, if we so choose.

Love you all!

Elder Peine

Just me!

Rodolfo and his grandkids

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Enjoying the Gospel 02/18/2013

We had a wonderful visit from one of the quorum of the 70 this week, Elder Daniel L. Johnson. Teaching the principals of the Gospel to investigators, less active members, and active members so that they understand was the main topic of the conference.

The primary had a baking activity and they asked us to join them at the end. We got to try there concoctions which actually turned out quite delicious. It was good to see all the kinds having a good time together.

We passed by to see on the members and it pleased us to see that one of the investigators was there when we arrived! The member had started making friends with the investigator which made us both rather happy!

We taught a less active member the Plan of Salvation who replied with surprise saying how he had never really thought to much about the plan before. We talked about the Savior and His atonement. He replied saying that he really needed to focus his life more on the Savior. He pointed out that He is the center of everything, for example even how we calculate time before and after his birth, and that he should be the center of our lives.  It was touching to realize how much Christ really should be at the front of our minds more and the impact that He can play in our peace, family, and everyday life.

I love the work. It’s fabulous. After having spend a day and a half in Villahermosa (away from my area for the conference) coming back to my area, it really did feel like home sweet home. I love you all so very much, may you all be guided by the Spirit, and may you recognize the many blessings the Lord gives us. I know he cares and works to bless us in so many ways.

With much love,

Elder Peine

Us with the branch president



Monday, February 18, 2013

A Childs Prayer- 02/11/2013

A little boy named David, who's family are members, was baptised this week. Brother Manuel, the Sunday school president baptised him and everything went wonderfully. To finish David was asked to say the prayer. With sincerity and love he thanked God for his baptism, for everyone that came, and for his family. He asked that everyone could be blessed and it was rather sweet. I think we all had a moment of silence right after, just in shock of the simple tenderness of a child's prayer.

My companion and I were asked to speak in Sacrament meeting about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I enjoyed the wonderful spirit that was present in the small little sacrament room and am thankful to know such loving, wonderful people. Living the gospel has not been easy for most of them but their diligence and service is outstanding. They strive every day to be able to have a happy family even though setbacks do arise. We continue to work with the members in helping their friends learn about the gospel.

I love you all so very much. Enjoy this week!

Elder Peine

Sunset (its not This is The Place park, but its still rather wonderful)

Davids baptism

Congratulations David!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Apostle week! 01/28/2013

We had a memorable family night this week with a less active family. They live basically on a ranch and all the members seemed to sort of flock in from everywhere to be present for the lesson. The boys of the family prepared refreshments and I think the family got excited about everyone being together and just enjoying a good night together.

I got to see brother Rodolfo a recent convert, whom I haven't seen for a while because he had to move to be with his family for a while. It was great to catch up with him and to know that all is going well.
On Saturday as missionaries we had a meeting with the Apostle Russell M. Nelson and we each got to shake his hand and enjoy his remarks. It was a wonderful meeting. It surprised me as well that Elder Clayton of the presidency of the 70, who was accompanying Elder Nelson could speak Spanish!

Then on Sunday several stakes met together to hear the Apostle. It was a wonderful event full of emotion and the spirit. It just made me so happy. The apostle might look a little old, but his spirit is as young as ever and he demonstrated in the most wonderful way the love he felt for the Mexican people. I felt highly blessed and highly grateful to God for the wonderful servants and blessings he sends to all people in all nations. Elder Nelson who had an interpreter the entire meeting, finished by bearing his testimony in Spanish and I felt SO grateful that he could connect with the people and that he prepared so that they could hear his testimony in their own language. I will never forget it. I love the Lord so much. I know this is His true church. I cant believe how blessed we are to have his restored gospel here on the earth.

I love you all,

Elder Peine

Family Night!

The branch on Sunday when we went to see the Apostle Russell M. Nelson!

Rodolofo! (a recent convert)

Thank you for the goodies!

Today is the best day of my life! (why not?) 01/21/2013

 We visit Sister Mercedes, a recent convert, and she always asks us to sing a hymn with her. So we all pull out our hymn books and then she asks us: well which page? We tell her the page and she says: Oh that’s a beautiful hymn! This happens every time we visit and I happened to notice that she really doesn’t know which hymn corresponds with each page number but she loves all the hymns and thinks they are all just wonderful! It made me smile because she is always so excited to sing whatever hymn whatever we choose and she says its just great.

We were coming home from visiting another town nearby and in the van/bus that brought us home there happened to be a drunk (absolutely harmless) and we tried not to pay attention to him even though he wanted to strike up a conversation. We soon arrived at the drunks destination and has he got out he handed a bill to the driver and said: that should cover my ride and the Mormons also! He paid for our bus ride! I was a bit shocked, considering we didn’t even speak with him. I hope hes as kind when hes in his normal state as well. But it caught me off guard because I'm not going to say I had the best of thought of him but he was charitable enough to pay for us even though he didn’t know us.

We stopped by to visit an inactive member and he came out to great us but said he was too busy and couldn’t visit at the moment. So we put and appointment to come back and then he started talking with us about how hes doing and how our day has been going. So we talked for another 5 or ten minutes and then shook hands to depart then another comment was made and we continued talking. What had started out to be a brief hello at the front gate, apparently turned into a 30 minute conversation. I found it interesting because at first he really didn’t want to spend time talking with us but I could feel that he had missed coming to church and he liked the feeling he had when he was active.

Life is wonderful, I couldn’t say much more. I find myself enjoying everyday. I have a wonderful happy optimistic companion and the branch is starting to really work hard in doing their visiting teaching and working with investigators. So things are going well. And Saturday we have a meeting with Elder Russel M. Nelson with the missionaries which we are excited for, and Sunday the whole branch is traveling by bus to hear him speak.

Love you all!

Elder Peine

Manuel (our wonderful member friend who lives nearby), Elder Morales and I

Hello Hello!! :)