Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Today is the best day of my life! (why not?) 01/21/2013

 We visit Sister Mercedes, a recent convert, and she always asks us to sing a hymn with her. So we all pull out our hymn books and then she asks us: well which page? We tell her the page and she says: Oh that’s a beautiful hymn! This happens every time we visit and I happened to notice that she really doesn’t know which hymn corresponds with each page number but she loves all the hymns and thinks they are all just wonderful! It made me smile because she is always so excited to sing whatever hymn whatever we choose and she says its just great.

We were coming home from visiting another town nearby and in the van/bus that brought us home there happened to be a drunk (absolutely harmless) and we tried not to pay attention to him even though he wanted to strike up a conversation. We soon arrived at the drunks destination and has he got out he handed a bill to the driver and said: that should cover my ride and the Mormons also! He paid for our bus ride! I was a bit shocked, considering we didn’t even speak with him. I hope hes as kind when hes in his normal state as well. But it caught me off guard because I'm not going to say I had the best of thought of him but he was charitable enough to pay for us even though he didn’t know us.

We stopped by to visit an inactive member and he came out to great us but said he was too busy and couldn’t visit at the moment. So we put and appointment to come back and then he started talking with us about how hes doing and how our day has been going. So we talked for another 5 or ten minutes and then shook hands to depart then another comment was made and we continued talking. What had started out to be a brief hello at the front gate, apparently turned into a 30 minute conversation. I found it interesting because at first he really didn’t want to spend time talking with us but I could feel that he had missed coming to church and he liked the feeling he had when he was active.

Life is wonderful, I couldn’t say much more. I find myself enjoying everyday. I have a wonderful happy optimistic companion and the branch is starting to really work hard in doing their visiting teaching and working with investigators. So things are going well. And Saturday we have a meeting with Elder Russel M. Nelson with the missionaries which we are excited for, and Sunday the whole branch is traveling by bus to hear him speak.

Love you all!

Elder Peine

Manuel (our wonderful member friend who lives nearby), Elder Morales and I

Hello Hello!! :)

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