Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Its a good day 03/18/13

Hey family!

I hope you are all doing well! Thanks for keeping me updated! I'm enjoying my new area here in Comalcalco. We have been doing a lot of getting to know where the members live, who are the investigators, and how to work best in this area. Its fairy large and there are several small towns that we travel out to by bus to visit. The members are so terribly friendly and always say that if we are hungry or ever need anything that they are always there. Even the investigators offer what they have. One investigator named Luz (which means light) doesn’t have very much, just a grocery bag packer at the nearby grocery story and when we go to visit her and her husband they offer us fruit and always give us a great welcome. They are such good people working to do what’s right and we have sincerely felt of their love and we try our best to share ours. Its all in all a wonderful experience getting to know such wonderful humble happy people.

My companion is Elder Florido from Las Vegas. He has been in the Provo Utah mission for about 2 and half months waiting for his visa and he just arrived in Mexico. His parents are Colombians and they taught him Spanish while he grew up so he is fitting right in and he gives clear and uplifting advice to those around him. We both had the opportunity to speak in Sacrament meeting this week which we enjoyed, especially it being the first time the both of us had attend this ward (since last Sunday we were in the stake center for a conference). The bishop is lively and willing and is very easy to get along with and the members as well. So we are looking forward to another week of finding new people to teach and working with the members to help the investigators. We have an investigator who is basically a member, his wife and son just got baptized and he attend in his white shirt and tie and has his own subscription to the Ensign. Hopefully soon we will be able to help him commit to becoming a member and living the gospel to the fullest.

More missionaries have been coming to the mission, but I think there will be lots more soon enough. Its wild to see how rapidly the work is expanding. Its wonderful to be here and its sad to know I don’t have too much longer left here, so I am going to make the best of every minute! I know this is the work of the Lord, I know he is our Savior and loves each and every one of us. 
Thanks for all of the love and support!

Love as always,

Elder Peine

Friday, March 15, 2013

The gospel is great 03/11/2013

Hey family!

How are you all doing? I hope things are going well. I am enjoying getting to know my new area here in Comalcalcos. I have only been here a week and the mission offices just called us last night letting us know that my companion is being transferred and that a new missionary will be arriving tomorrow who will take his place. So it should be exciting, the 2 of us learning the area together!

We had a stake conference where we heard by satellite David A Bednar and Richard G Scott (who spoke in Spanish!). It was a wonderful conference and I felt so happy as I was able to listen to messages that I knew were going to bless the lives of these wonderful people. The other day we talked to some fairly recent converts, they have about 2 years in the church. The father said becoming a member was a complete 360 turn around and it sure hasn’t been easy. After his baptism he had job problem, got sick, had an accident and other things but that it has all been worth it. We look at his family now and they are definitely a happy bunch, despite the obstacles.

It just makes me happy to know that there is a source of answers and that there is a right way to go. Sometimes I look around and see that there really are so many easy paths to choose from and I’m not exactly surprised why so many have been detoured from good solid principles, it’s that the world is blatantly staring them in the face and inviting them to join. How joyful it is to know that there is a Prophet on the earth, apostles, and people who help us along the way.

 I’m in a new area, new companion, and new everything, but there is a happy familiarity I feel as I meet the caring members of the church and work with my companion to share the gospel with others. I’m not very good at explaining it but I can say with a surety that I’m sure grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it’s the nucleus that I think holds me together. I love all of you, I think your just the greatest family. There really isn’t another family like the Peines. As goofy and as fun as you are, I think your just the right family for me. Thanks for your love and prayers!


Elder Peine

Monday, March 11, 2013

New Area! 03/04/13

Well the time has come. Yesterday I received the call that I am being transferred to a new area. It’s definitely bitter sweet. I have gotten to know a lot of great people and it’s hard to leave. My new area is called Comalcalco, Tabasco. It’s not too far away from where I am right now, about two hours. (I heard they have a chocolate factory there! There are also lots of ruins!) Today we have been visiting many of the members and investigators and saying goodbyes because tomorrow I’ll be off to a new area. My companion who I’m with right now with be training a new missionary, which will be a great experience. He was a little shocked since he himself just recently arrived, but he came pre-prepared and will do just fine.

This week I have just felt so loved. Just the little things make all the difference. The people just say a little thing or do something small and I just feel so happy. One fairly recent convert shared her testimony in sacrament meeting which she had never done before and she said that recently she has been gaining a firmer testimony as she has reached out to an old friend to share the gospel. One brother, even though he has had some fairly difficult trials has demonstrated his love for the gospel as he joined as for an entire day to visit investigators.

It’s not easy to go, and the members get upset because missionaries keep coming, they get used to them, and then they have to leave. But I have loved being hear and am excited for what lie ahead. I love you all and hope you are all enjoying the daily sparks of joy that are found in doing what is right. God lives and we are his children. What peace and what joy it is to know that we are all watched over.

Elder Peine

Sister Brunilda!

Brother Manuel and Sister Angels

Go Pemex City!