Monday, April 8, 2013

Share the Love! 04/08/2013

Hola family!

I hope everyone had a wonderful conference weekend!

This week we visited a less active member who we had trying to visit for some time now but she finally answered the door and let us in. Her husband isn’t a member and neither are her children, so it has been a bit difficult to maintain steady in the church. We read a passage from the Book of Mormon with her and we decided to end with a prayer. She insisted one of us to say the prayer but after having talked a little more about the importance of prayer she agreed to say it. She said that she was grateful to God because she knew that he knew she was a little sad and that he wanted her to hear the message that we brought her. It builds my testimony to know the God knows our needs and he wants to bless us.

Today we were in a taxi and we introduced ourselves to the female taxi driver as missionaries. She responded well I’m a missionary too! Although she is of another faith her liveliness for sharing what she knew about the gospel was exciting to see. We were both in the back of the cab and another passenger hopped in the front. We introduced ourselves to him and started asking him about how hes doing and the family etc. As we started talking about the gospel with him the taxi driver started giving all the advice she could to the man and it pleased me to see the sincere desire to extend to hand and help someone out.
I loved conference and I Iove this wonderful work! And I love all of my wonderful family members!


Elder Peine

*no pictures today!!

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