Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Villahermo​sa, hot but worth it! 06/03/20163

Hello family!

I am enjoying my new area. All is going well. My companion Elder Sosa is a great companion and we are looking forward to helping out this ward. We have an energetic bishop and are going to be working on activation some of the less active members. I am right in the center of Villahermosa and it is actually pretty great since there are a lot of historical sites and monuments. The families here are wonderful and I love getting to know them and find out how they are doing.

We actually have to run right now so I send more next week. But I hope all is well and that everyone has a rather happy joyful week!

Elder Peine

  My new friend from the park!

Bishop McDonald asked me to draw him...

Elder Sosa, my companion

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