Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Off to a new area! May 27th

Hey family!

Well the first photo is of our little district! Our last photo together since today there were transfers. Turns out both my companion and I are leaving the area and one of the Elders from the district will change from his area to our and receive another Elder. So it is a little sad to see the both of us go but I know the Lord has other plans. I will be heading to Villahermosa (again) but in a different area and will be serving as a zone leader.

The next photo is of Elder Rosales who is a wonderful missionary and does an excellent job at helping members who never had testimonies gain them. He is a great friend.
The other photo is of the English class that we have been teaching and things have been improving! One of the ladies that have been attending English class came to Sacrament meeting for the first time yesterday and made some new friends. We were super happy about that!

It’s hard to leave this area because it feels like we were just getting into the thick of the work but I know everything will work out. I still can’t believe I only have 6 weeks left in the mission. I am looking forward to this last little while though. There are just such great people here and a lot are just looking for that something (the gospel) that they have been missing in their lives.

What a wonderful time and age to be alive! I have been reading the Book of Mormon through and I am in Mosiah 2 and it’s amazing to know that we are part of the fulfillment of the prophecies written by the ancient prophets! What a treat it is to learn about the gospel! I hope everyone enjoying the gospel and has a wonderful fantastic week!

Elder Peine

The District

Elder Rosales!

English class

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