Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Enjoying the Gospel 02/18/2013

We had a wonderful visit from one of the quorum of the 70 this week, Elder Daniel L. Johnson. Teaching the principals of the Gospel to investigators, less active members, and active members so that they understand was the main topic of the conference.

The primary had a baking activity and they asked us to join them at the end. We got to try there concoctions which actually turned out quite delicious. It was good to see all the kinds having a good time together.

We passed by to see on the members and it pleased us to see that one of the investigators was there when we arrived! The member had started making friends with the investigator which made us both rather happy!

We taught a less active member the Plan of Salvation who replied with surprise saying how he had never really thought to much about the plan before. We talked about the Savior and His atonement. He replied saying that he really needed to focus his life more on the Savior. He pointed out that He is the center of everything, for example even how we calculate time before and after his birth, and that he should be the center of our lives.  It was touching to realize how much Christ really should be at the front of our minds more and the impact that He can play in our peace, family, and everyday life.

I love the work. It’s fabulous. After having spend a day and a half in Villahermosa (away from my area for the conference) coming back to my area, it really did feel like home sweet home. I love you all so very much, may you all be guided by the Spirit, and may you recognize the many blessings the Lord gives us. I know he cares and works to bless us in so many ways.

With much love,

Elder Peine

Us with the branch president



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