Thursday, November 29, 2012

Special Baptism- November 26, 2012


I will be staying in the area I am currently in. My companion will be heading off tomorrow this new area and a new missionary will be arriving in my area. I will be training again and I’m very excited, yes I little feverous but I know if  I’d what I’m supposed t and if I love the people with all my heart things will work out and the work will progress. Many people have been receiving new callings in the branch and it’s very exciting right now!

This week we held a very special baptism of Patricia whose sister is a member. Everything was going according to plan until the Elders called us and told us that the water had been shut off at the church and there wasn’t any water for the baptism. But after many prayers during the day, 2 long hoses, a very friendly neighbor and an hour and a half of waiting we finally held the baptism. It was very special. The sister who was baptized started to cry as she bore her testimony, just knowing that what has happened in her past is in her past and now she can press forward. It was one of these moments surreal. It was night, the crickets were chirping, everything was still, and she was standing in front, bearing her testimony. I will always remember it. I felt so happy and know what a great step this will be in her life.

Thank you for the photos and the letters, I love you all and wish you my best!

Elder Peine

Baptism of Patricia

Baptism of Patricia

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