Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Elder Peine Update 02/06/2012

That's the old companion that just left.

Here goes the quick letter, learning to type quickly. And dad I'm sorry about the spelling but its just the way it is, and I do hope that means my Spanish is getting better!

Elder Robinson finished his mission well and I'm proud and lucky that I had the opportunity to be his companion. Right now I'm with another companion Elder Godfry (for only a day though). It turns out his dad is a professor at Utah State who got mad at me for showing up to an appointment late (small world right?) I will meet my new companion Elder Callejas tomorrow and I believe I will stay in my area for another 6 weeks. I'm completely fine with that! There are so many great people here and the ward is wonderful.

We had a great Sabbath yesterday, a young investigator showed up and really liked it and is excited to keep learning more. We are going to visit him tonight. And a recent convert brought her boyfriend to church for the first time. He doesn't live in our area but said when hes at his girlfriends he would love for us to visit. Also 2 inactive members who we had been visiting showed up and it was great to see them.

One small experience - We knocked on a door and some teenagers let us us in. They were playing xbox, soccer, and there were 2 minutes left in the game and the game was close. But instead of asking us to wait they immediately stopped, pulled out some chairs, and welcomed us into there home. I don't know why but in this moment I felt a feeling of great gratitude for these three young men who took time out of their day to welcome us cheerfully, stop what they were doing, and listen to our message. They are examples to me, of respect, kindness, and reverence for the message of Christ.

I also got to assist the temple again which was fabulous! I'm so grateful for the messages that I receive from the fam every week, it always make my smile! I love all of you more than words can describe! Have a wonderful week! Sorry I haven't been able to send more photos, Ill try to get better! Say hi to everyone and wish them the best from down here in Mexico!

And strange foods Ive eaten (Well when I stayed with the zone leaders for a day this week during transfers they offered me some kind of meat and told me it was bulls you know whats, I don't really know if I believe them, but anyhow it tasted good anyway) And on that delightful note, Audios!!

Con mucho amor,
Elder Peine

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