Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 11, 2012

Wow! Okay I'm just so happy! Thank you everyone for writing me and sending me photos! I absolutely love it! Your all looking great! It sounds like things are going well as well, keep up the good work fam! Your the greatest!

This week we have been talking with a 15 year old named Mary who has been reading the Book of Mormon and learning more about the Church. No one in her family is a member so at first she thought it would be really difficult to continue talking with us. We invited her to be baptised and she accepted but said her father probably wouldn't let her. He lives in another city so we invited her to talk with him by phone about what shes been learning and that she wants to be baptised. We passed by the next day to find out that she had talked with her dad and he said she was free to choose as long as she thought it out well first. What a miracle! It was great news to hear and we were thrilled! Unfortunately she works some Sundays but if she can get that figured out and attends she will be baptised soon.

We also taught an 18 year old boy the law of Chastity, first thing, right off the bat. I never thought my first conversation with someone might be about the law of Chastity but hey that's how it goes sometimes. He really took it into appreciation and studied the whole pamphlet we gave him right there and then and thanked us sincerely for coming by. Since then we have taught him the Restoration and he is really understanding. His name is Roberto and loves soccer. Unfortunately he has school Sundays which is too bad because wed love to see him at church. But little by little great things are brought to be!

So ya I'm pretty much just overwhelmed with love. Mom and dad thank you for your letters, hope your enjoying all the traveling! I can hardly keep up with you! Kim thanks for the letter, favorite sister in law! Thank you for the pics! I'm so happy to see that Mandy stopped by! I'm sure you had a good time! And say hi to Janely for me! Ally thanks for the note, love you too! I could sure use some of that Cali fog any time soon for a nice cool down. Alina, looking good! Jord, keep up the sales! Joe, wish I could have been there for your talk! Em love ya bunches.

Okay I just love you all, hope you have a fantastic week! I wish I had more time to write but yeah I'm already way over time...I cant help it there is so much to say!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Peine

 Chocolate milk, bag, straw = 2 happy missionaries

 Our cute little nieghbor
An amazing interpretation of my companion and I, drawn by an eleven year old girl

My intent at drawing Elder Rojas

 2 thumbs up!

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