Wednesday, June 20, 2012

1 year!! June 18, 2012

Hey dad, (and whoever happens to read this)

      I want to apologize for not recognizing last Monday that the following Sunday was Fathers Day! The days and weeks just seem to fly by so fast I can hardly even believe it. I hope you had a blast! Thanks for sending the photos, you all look great! I'm always thrilled to get shots of the family, and especially those grandchildren of yours! Everyone sure looks to be doing well. And your off the Germany! I get wait to get pictures! I'm sure the wedding will be fantastic! Wow you really are just all over the world aren’t ya. Mom, your looking great, love the colors! As always!
      I spoke in Sacrament meeting yesterday for Fathers day, appropriate since my farewell was a year ago on the same day. I talked about having confidence in our Heavenly father, especially for those who didn't have a chance to know their earthly one. I motioned your father and how you didn't have the chance to know him in this life but how much I imagined our Heavenly Father has guided you and your mother.
      I cant believe I will have a year in the mission! Its gone by so fast I cant believe it! But I hope you had a fantastic Fathers day and that you could again know of the love that each of your children love you and appreciate you very much. You really are the best a boy could ask for dad, never forget it! Well have to go get some cheap Chinese after the mission haha. But thanks for your letters and all of your support and love I receive. Thank you for the prayers as well. I feel thoroughly blessed to have the family I have and to have the Father, as cooky and as wild as you are sometimes, okay not too wild, but you make us laugh. Thanks for being you and being the loving father, and grandfather that you are and always have been. Haha as Elder Packer says, being parents is not a calling you will ever be released from. And I assume that goes the same for children, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Take care, stay strong, and enjoy your travels. And spend some time in the temple for me!
    Mari our investigator, when she prays she specifically prays for the family of Elder Rojas and I. She prays as if she knows each of our families and always ask that they have protection, comfort, faith, and well being. I love prayer and listening to our investigators pray. Its like a damn that has been holding back water and suddenly breaks open with relief and they just feel a peace and calm afterwards. 

I love the work of the Lord, and I love Him terribly as well as all of my family, have a wonderful week,

Elder Peine

Hope you like Iguanas!

Monkey boy

Sunset soccer match

Soccer for Pday!!

Eggs anywone?

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