Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Called to a new area! 09/01/2012

The time has arrived, the Lord has called me to a new area! I head out tomorrow morning to Ciudad de Pemex (Pemex City). Pemex, the big oil company is the base of the economy in these areas and apparently I'm about to find out what a city of oil workers is like. Who knows really, I heard its not too big a city and I should be using a lot of the small Volkswagen like buses to get around. Its closer to Villahermosa, thus hotter, but that’s okay. This will be my third area and I will be with an Elder who has 6 weeks in his mission and I will be finishing his training. It’s sad to leave this area but at the same time I know there are people prepared by the Lord in this next area as well. Like mom told me once, the purpose of life is movement and growth, and I’d have to agree.

      This week we met with a less active family who we are trying to help activate. The father had not agreed to pray previously but at the end of the lesson we asked him if he would offer the prayer. He responded: ooohh Elders why do you chastise me? We quickly responded: because we love you J He smiled and offered the closing prayer.

I come to find out more and more that the mission is about Charity, about the pure love of Christ and doing everything we know we should do to help people come unto Him. It is about putting off the natural man and submitting to His will, whatever it may be. I have learned from other Elders the impact of a sincere testimony and have felt great joy to hear their testimonies and as I have had the opportunity to share mine. I am so happy to be here. I know that this work is true and that peoples lives change, their families change, and their connection with God magnifies as they grasp hold to the goodness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.


Elder Peine

Richard, Brother Cardenas, Roberto, Ruben, Brother Martinez, Daniel, Brother Rosado, and....me

Elder Rojas and I (Peruvian gear)

Chui Wawa (Note to Kim, please send this image to Kinsey Crabb and title it CHUAHUA! She will understand, thanks!)

 Elder Rojas, Elder Garcia, and Elder Mundez

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