Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What a week!! May 21, 2012

Hey family!
How are you all doing! I hope everything is going well in Hawaii, Utah, Colorado, and everywhere else you might be! Hope life is treating you well as it has me. Things are going really well down here in Mexico, for one it just rained and it feels great! Love that rain smell! But Id like to know how you are doing, whats new for you any of you, if your liking work etc. And of course Im always open for any sweet stories and I love getting photos!
Sadly but truly my companion Elder MattarpRobison and Elder Poulsen. I don’t know how long it will be until a receive a new companion but until then I’m making the best of it!
The other day I had a surprising experience when I asked a woman who we had taught once if she read the chapter from the Book of Mormon which we asked her to read.  She replied yes and that she had read about 20 chapters more as well and indeed she had. We didn’t have much time to talk but she accepted to come to church the following week.
One of the days my companion couldn’t work so I went out with some of the young men instead. One of the young men is a large, slightly unshaven, happy fellow who is just so full of excitement and faith you just feel like a child when your around him. But we started out, him and I, and he noticed that his pants zipper was broken. He asked me if I had any string so that he could fix the problem and I told him I didn’t. He told me, okay, the lord will provide! (with a grand jolly smile on his face and a gait in his step). We continued talking and walked about a block and half, turned a corner and about 10 steps down the street, happened to be a large pile of string, somehow just waiting for my string needing companion to come walking along! He eagerly picked it up and said Look didn’t I tell you! The Lord always provides!
I love the mission and love all of you!
Take care!
Elder Peine

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