Monday, August 27, 2012

Its a beautiful day in the neighborho​od 08/13/2012

Well hello family! Do the weeks go by as fast for you as they do for me? Does time go faster as you get closer to the equator? I hope you all find your selves doing well. We did have a hurricane come through but we are just fine and everything is back to normal. No worries mom J
This week Susana and Andry were baptised and it was a joy to be there for such an sweet baptism. They were confirmed members yesterday and all went well. We are teaching their family members who are also progressing. It’s a joy to see the members making friends with new members and investigators. I love being part of these two wards. I am so grateful for the energy and enthusiasm the members have to share the gospel. I taught the gospels principals class about missionary work and of course I told the class that I happen to love this topic, well I am a missionary, I should be loving the work of a missionary! We enjoyed talking about how each of us can be missionaries even if not all of us have name tags and ties, we can all do something the help the work progress. Susana, the new member, even before she was baptized, has been asking how she might be able to serve a mission. I love the whole mix of members, the old, the young, the bold, the reserved, all of whom play a key role in how the Church should function. I am so grateful for the diversity and the individuality shown while still being so united.

We happened to pass by a less active is she and her family was getting out of her car and she cheerfully greeted us and invited us for a glass of water. As we talked with her it turns out she hasn’t been to church for a while but has always seen us walking about but has never had the chance to talk. We shared a scripture with her Mosiah 2:41 and she started to tear up, and she shared her testimony saying she knows that our Heavenly Father loves her and that she knows He wants her to come back. The same type of experience happened with an older member Felix who couldn’t imagine what the members would say if he returned, but never the less he came to church the next day and enjoyed the sweet spirit one feels when they are were the Lord wants them to be.

I know am where the Lord wants me to be and I know that He loves me. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and that he restored His true gospel upon the earth through the prophet Joseph Smith. I am so grateful for my testimony and for the wonder family that I have. I love each and every one of you!

Have a fantastic week!

Elder Peine

Av. Circuito CD. Deportiva #206
Colonia Atasta
Villahermosa, Tabasco
C.P. 86100

And about changing records, what ever works best! I don't think you'll find me refusing to come home to Hawaii though. Ill still have a month or two before college starts up. And as for a package, chocolate should be able to make it. Thanks mom. Thanks for the awesome photos, you look great!

Baptism of Susana and Andry

Sunset from the porch

Happy girl!

 Let the rains come down
Just a good day :)

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