Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy day! August 6th, 2012

Loved the photos!!!  What a blast the family has been having!! As Joe said, I was at London's birthday in spirit, or through the Mexican food at least. Thank you all for thinking of me and for all of your prayers. I have been so blessed to have a family such as mine. You are all wonderful and really cant thank you enough, especially my gypsy parents who are always full of adventure and explorations. Send my love to all the young ones for me, London, Charlie and Oliver look great, growing up quick!

This week has been a wonderful week. For our district meeting I invited all the Elders in the district to bring a picture of their family (without them in the picture). Then I asked an elder to try and match who's brothers and sisters belonged to every Elder. He tried looked long and hard and made several attempts, succeeding with some and with others, well not so much. I thanked him for his participation and said in a way he was correct and in another form, well not so much. As he wondered why not so much, he then smiled and said, oh I see, its because we are we are ALL brothers and sisters and belong to the same eternal family. I smiled and agreed. I have been thinking about that this week a lot, how we are to love everyone, and how we should treat our fellow man. This has helped me in missionary work to have faith that anyone can progress in the gospel, that no one is lost, that is is not too late for anyone to turn back. God sees us all equally as his spirit children and wants the absolute best for each of us.

I am just so grateful the chance I have been given to share such a message with the people of Allende, Mexico (my second home, and yes apparently it is becoming normal for missionaries here to stay in their areas for long periods of time). Today 2 wonderful children of God will be baptised  and I have had the great privilege to be a part of their conversion. (Andry in the photo above is one and Susana -21 from the same family will be another). I am loving loving the mission and am so grateful for this once in a life time opportunity, my testimony of the truth fullness of the gospel grows daily and my love for the Savior with it. Keep strong and pray oft.


Elder Peine

Gotta love birthday parties! Great week for everyone!

Andry turned 11!

Good bye spongebob

I guess I did tell her to cut it short...

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