Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012- LOVE

Hello family!

This week I learned a Little something about sacrifice. We met with a member who has been having many difficulties with her husband, raising her son, finding means of supplying for the family etc. Despite all that has been going on her life at the moment she invited us to visit a nearby less active teen and her nonmember mother. Together we made a visit to see how they are doing, if we could be of any help, and to invite them to Church. Our visit was brief but I felt the Spirit. The family came to church the following Sunday and I learned a valuable lesson. The member who is in the midst of hardship and could have easily found excuses not to make a visit to her neighbor, reached out in love and did what she could to help this family in the Gospel. Her faith and determination to do what is right is an inspiration to me and a great motivator.

Another investigator attended church and although hesitant as first, began to open up and communicate during the classes. In my eyes his participation is a step closer to Christ, to gaining faith and moving forward towards a more Gospel centered life. His desire to learn and follow Christ has inspired me.
I am so grateful for this wonderful day, my wonderful family, and the wonderful people that I am getting to know here in Mexico.

I love you all,

Elder Peine

The church in Macuspana (an hour from the branch here)

Patricia and Maria Ugenia


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