Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Baptism of young Arit! July 23, 2012

Hey everyone!

I hope your all doing terribly well!

This week some special things happened. First of all, when we showed up for church the bishop asked me if one of us (the missionaries) would like to speak. I said Id love to! I ended up speaking about charity, I read part of Moroni 7 and then related grandmas story about how she helped the infant and mother in distress. I concluded reading verse 46 that said we should pray to the Father with all the energy of our heart to be filled with charity, which is the true love of Christ. After sacrament meeting and older women came up to me and told me she had just come in from out of town, to visit family and was thoroughly thankful that she had made it in time. She told me to keep preaching Charity. She loved grandmas story and she said what a blessing it is for someone to be able to tell a such a story of their ancestors. She as a matter of fact, reminded me very much of grandma Vicky and I felt like grandma may have been smiling down on me, or possibly right at me through this grandma from out of town.  

Secondly one of the converts, Ramon, received the priesthood and was confirmed as as priest. I am thrilled for him and am happy to know that he is progressing in the gospel! It is such a joy, and they (he and his wife) have plans to enter the temple (unfortunately one week after I will be departing from my mission) Ill have to see if I can extend or something.

Third, Arit, this little girl who got baptised yesterday was to be confirmed Sunday. She went up and sat in the chair, the bishopric stood around her before the confirmation. The bishop then looked up at me and signaled me come forth. I thought he needed to know how the prayer was to be said or what the name of the girl was or something like that. He told me that Arit had asked if I could confirm her as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I was pleased to do so and for the very first time placed my hands upon the head of young daughter of God and conferred the gift of The Holy Ghost. It was a special occasion for me and I know I will always remember it. After I remember feeling good, just happy to know what had happened, and then sat in my seat and just thought wow...

Changes came and it turns out my companion and I are staying here, for now at least! I'm happy about it!

Love you all take care!

Elder Peine

My new love for parrots

Beloved members

Baptism of Arit!

A chalk board of congratulations for Arit!

The family and friends after the baptism

A future missionary and I and the Book of Mormon! (really the best missionary of all)

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