Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hola familia! July 9, 2012

This week was a wonderful week! The truth is I think every week is a wonderful week but sometime some are just a tad better than others. We have been teaching a family and had invited them to come to church for yesterdays meetings. In the morning, we had decided to pass by and head to church with them but it was pouring outside. This probably meant they wouldn't come but we jumped in a taxi anyway to see if they could make it. Half way to their house I received a text saying they weren't able to come this week. Well, we were already half way there so we figured why not stop by and check. as we got out of the taxi the clouds cleared and rains stopped. We hiked up the sandy path to when there house was and sure enough they ended up coming to church with us. The father didn't look to happy about coming but at the end of the day I think he cheered up, he liked priesthood meeting a lot actually.

I also bore my testimony during a lesson to another father, who was just sitting outside his house, about how Joseph Smith was called as a prophet of God and that we admire him for what he did to bring to pass the restoration of the gospel. He then told me that this had cleared up quite a few of his question, having always thought that the Mormons believed in Joseph Smith as our god. after the lesson he told us when ever preachers or teacher comes to the house he always tells them hes busy or hes about to left, but for some reason with us he felt comfortable to talk with us. I think I know what this reason is haha. Its because what we teach and do is true and the lord guides the meek and lowly of heart to the truth.

Happy birthday to all who had birthdays! charlie, em and Kim! and anyone else! Its wild to think how everyone is growing up so fast!
I hope you all have a fantastic week, where ever you are!
I love you all so terribly much!

Elder Peine

(sorry about the spelling and lack of pronunciation, this keyboard is a little crazy, and my English might be too)
jord thanks for the vid!

The real deal Peruvian wear!

Mexican wildlife, okay I guess not too wild, but still fun

brother Gustavo when we had our family history night activity

Ward mission leader Ivan and my companion elder Rojas and I

some artifacts family Felix brought (well the plastic laptop isn't ancient, but it was to demonstrate how we do family research)

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